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I remember my first experience of watching a medium demonstrate at a local spiritual service. I felt really nervous…


I started my development as a psychic and then as a medium later on in life. I was a busy mum of three small children, married, working part time and running a home. I was 37 years old and through the period of a year I was given such astounding evidence as the continuous existence of the human soul. I was experiencing strange and amazing phenomena on a nightly basis. At first I didn’t understand it , however these ghostly experiences led me to find the local spiritual centre where I asked for help. From this point on I began my own spiritual journey.

I had also began to feel unwell and had developed chronic back pain and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I am now completed healed of all physical pain and I credit this healing to my spiritual growth within, which allowed my body to heal. I at first needed to attend spiritual healing services myself. There would be the laying on of hands to allow energy from the spiritual realm to flow to me to help my physical and emotional ailments to heal.  Eventually my pain stopped.

I then trained and qualified as a Spiritual Healer and a Reiki Healer . I used to run a clinic at my house in Rugby and would give healing to anyone who wanted this. I didn’t charge. It was my way of giving back for the healing that I had received.

Several years had passed since my early experiences of the spirit world visiting me on a nightly basis and all of the phenomena had settled down . I had become well and pain free and had trained to become a healer myself. At the age of 40 I sat in my first development circle at the local spiritual church. There we would have a short guided meditation and from that we would share our experiences. I never dreamt at that time that I would later work as a professional psychic and medium!

Spiritual Feather Line Break

I am now a demonstrating medium at spiritual churches and centres  and an experienced  one to one reader on a psychic and a mediumistic level. Psychic readings will focus on the earthly matters of the sitter and will aim to give guidance . Mediumistic sittings will have the intention of bringing through a communication from loved ones who have passed into the next life.

I have worked as a radio presenter with my own spiritual talk radio show on Pulse Talk Radio and I had the experience of being an in studio psychic on Sky TV for the Psychic Channel.

I currently teach meditation, psychic and mediumistic development .

I also offer spiritual healing treatments at my studio in Rugby and I run a group of dedicated healers on a weekly basis and we send out absent healing to those nominated.

I believe that the learning should never stop and I have always invested in my learning with world class tutors . I regularly visit the Arthur Findlay College at Stanstead Hall in London which is my favourite place to be ! I also trained under the mentorship of Paul Jacobs with the Spiritualists National Union for a period of two years which included prayer, mediumship and spiritual philosophy. This has enabled me to take spiritual services.

I work very empathically. I am clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant. This means that I am able to use a mixture of images, feelings and words to bring messages of truth and love  from the spirit world. I am also currently developing trance mediumship.

With a mediumistic reading I act as a bridge between the two worlds. I hope to provide loving proof that our loved ones are safe and well on the other side of life and are enjoying a joyous existence there. I hope this knowledge can help give comfort to those who have lost loved ones .

A psychic sitting will focus upon the current life situation of my sitter and may cover subjects such as love and relationships, career, family situations, spiritual development amongst many other possibilities. I aim to give guidance and upliftment .

I feel blessed to do this work and I am passionate about using  my gift to help, empower and heal others.

I know that death as we understand it, is not the end. It is simply the beginning of our true existence.  As energetic souls we cannot ever cease to be. 

Life is eternal.

Death is but a doorway to another life.

Of that I am sure.

Love, light and many blessings to you all!

Clair Merryweather.

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