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Call: 07737 211 296
Visit: Brighter Spaces, 7 Hawthorn Lane, Wilmslow. SK9 1AA, United Kingdom

Face to face readings

In-Person Readings

One-to-one readings are carried out at at our new studio in Wilmslow.
Appointment: 45 minutes
Prices from £75.

Remote readings

Remote Readings

If you can’t make it into my studio then sessions are available via Zoom.
Appointment: 45 minutes
Prices from £75.

Remote readings

Spiritual Healing

Healing treatments available in-person at the studio.
Appointment: 45 minutes
Prices from £75.

Psychic & Spiritual Medium

I love to use my intuitive gift to give psychic guidance to help, heal and empower others.

I love to be able to provide proof of the continuous existence of the human soul in a compassionate and empathic way through my mediumship. Furthermore, I believe that a spiritual belief can be very helpful to those suffering grief.

It is my life purpose to give messages of hope and of love from those that have passed into the next life.

In love and in light,

Clair Merryweather
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“I enjoyed a psychic reading with Clair and recorded the reading.She was able to connect to my current situation and was helpful in areas of life to do with relationships and work. What really impressed me was she told me that I would get a job offer in America and 3 months later I did. I now enjoy skype readings as I have moved to New York. Clair is friendly and kind and I would recommend her. Ms S Chadwick”
Sue Chadwick

Happy Client (UK)

“Clair Merryweather gave me the most beautiful and clear reading from my father in spirit who chose her to impart some powerful messages for me, the last day of the course at Arthur Findlay College. Clair and I were in the same class and during the course of the week I saw how proficient and accurate she was in all the readings that she gave.

Clair is a gifted psychic and medium as well a being a kind and caring person. I highly recommend Clair and know that she will be able to reach out to the many people who are in need of what she has to offer and her special way of helping people find the answers that they need either psychically or mediumistically.”

Phillippa Kingsley

Happy Client (USA)

“Clair has given me some of the most incredible readings packed with evidence of life after life from my mother, my grandfather, both grandmothers, a friend and my brother in law… I mean WOW. It was very emotional, detailed with information, names, memories and how they passed and the messages were absolutely spot-on! Not only was she incredible in connecting with my loved ones but she gave me psychic guidance on a few issues and one was a particular relationship- it truly helped in tremendous ways. She has such the gift and with her soothing personality and healing essence I felt extremely comfortable with her immediately. Please look no further! She remains my “go-to” person. Thanks Clair!!”
Drew Cali

Happy Client (UK)

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I pride myself on the professional service I provide, with many satisfied clients. All reviews are publicly available to see on Google and Facebook, with a select few published to my website.
Furthermore, I encourage current feedback which can be left on Google or Facebook.

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